At this point in the green revolution there is more than just a general interest in improving operating efficiencies. With recent advances in technologies, awareness of the global impact of energy consumption, and new and improved processes, there are finally real solutions that can be put in place to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the cost of your operations and minimize the environmental impact of energy.

While the primary objective is cost savings, there are a wide range of reasons to invest in these solutions. The bottom line is simple. A move to more energy-efficient solutions will save you money! It will also make your company look and function better, in more ways than you can imagine. Explore below for a more in-depth discussion of these benefits and then contact us for a no cost and no obligation on-site evaluation to see the specific impact we can make on your facility.

Environmental benefits

Lighting accounts for 30-35% of electricity used in the commercial sector, ~70%+ of the electricity cost in a warehouse and 10% to 30% in the industrial sector in the United States. It is estimated that almost half of commercial lighting is potentially wasted. This translates environmentally to over 700 million barrels of unnecessary oil use per year in the US alone.