Commercial & Industrial Energy Reduction Programs

Our Energy Audit is the foundation upon which your energy efficiency road-map is built to help you take control your operation.  The audit will be your guide to achieving your energy and operating reduction goals for a more profitable tomorrow.

Level I Audit

Provides your company with a list of energy conservation measures (ECM’s) identified by our engineers in your facility.  We will present you with an overview of savings and paybacks associated with the identified measures and a plan to move forward. We also provide you with a list of low cost and no cost measures.

Level II Audit / Investment Grade Audit

This very comprehensive audit is performed by our Best Practices Team of specialized engineers in each discipline of the audit.  This full blown study will use data loggers to determine run times, temperatures, pressures, etc… to accurately determine energy savings for each listed ECM.  Our report will include equipment upgrades, process modifications and strategies to yield the highest energy savings. Our report will also provide your company with complete pricing of each ECM along with payback and ROI.  Our office will process all utility rebate paperwork for you and provide you with an EPACT Certification. ( Certificate of Compliance for Commercial Buildings -  Section 179D, Internal Revenue Code )

This report will be your company’s road-map to a more Profitable, Greener and Better Tomorrow.